Our Story Is About Feet And Innovation

Celtic Orthotics based in Ennis Co Clare, is Ireland’s newest Foot Orthotic Supplier. With combined experience of 42 years in the Orthotics business (Formerly TOG International Ltd),we are excited to be entering the world of manufacturing our own brand of Celtic Orthotics here in Ireland.

We provide custom made and off the shelf products for Prescribers, and accept pressure scans, 3D Scans, Moulds and casts from prescribers throughout Ireland, the UK and Scandinavia. Our custom made orthotic are guaranteed to give your patients the best orthotic outcome. Celtic Orthotics are made from a 100% memory thermo-plast and are guaranteed against breaking. The devices control the rate and speed of foot pronation while at the same time rehabilitate the intrinsic muscles of the foot.

We also supply a wide range of world class off the shelf orthotics and insoles, as well as a repair and refurbishment service to prescribers from our headquarters in Ennis, Co Clare.

We aim to lead the industry in product and also in clinical support and expertise. Our clinical back up service is second to none and our lectures series is extensive and research based.

Call us in Ennis on 065 6841140 / UK: 0207 873 2269.

Need your old orthotics refurbished? – we refurbish, remake & repair all brands of orthotics.

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