Celtic Foot Scan is an innovative diagnostic technology empowering practitioners to analyse patient foot biomechanics and prescribe custom made orthotics.

Celtic Foot Scan offers greatly enhanced diagnostic and educational capabilities, and comprehensive biomechanical evaluation of how weight is displaced through the feet. Informative reports assist you in effectively diagnosing and prescribing custom orthotics for better patient outcomes.

Celtic Foot scan
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Celtic Foot Scan

Celtic Orthotics Foot Scan uses a foot pressure recording and gait analysis system which allows the pressure distribution on the human foot to be captured and displayed quickly and precisely, while standing or while walking.

Many clinical issues concerning the objective and quantitative analysis of pressure distribution, pressure peaks, and movement asymmetries, as well as the rollover behavior are recorded to help diagnose foot malformations or functional limitations of the lower extremities. The precise, high-frequency measurement technology allows all users to record and document even rapid movements of the body’s centre of gravity and load changes. The direction of travel can be set in the software along one axis to allow for time-saving dynamic measurements in two directions. The high-frequency measurement of the body’s centre of gravity (min. 100 Hz) provides additional information about neurological issues and extends the range of application to (competitive) sports

Benefits of Celtic Foot Scan
– Deeper understanding
– Best orthotic prescription
– Faster examination procedure
– High-frequency measurement
– Precise, accurate measurement
– Quantifiable static, dynamic, COP readings
– Compact, portable, discreet, versatile
– Patient scan comparison capability
– Bilateral pressure
– Distribution scale
– Comprehensive reports
– On-line orthotic orders
– Patient education
– Regular software updates
– Tangible, objective data

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