Medical Footwear Designed for Leisure for Sportswear, for Life!
A revolution in design and functionality ensuring that comfort, fit, style, support and durability.
Our brands are extremely comfortable and supportive. Whether for work, leisure or sporting
activities or for people who spend long hours on their feet, a pair of stylish medical grade shoes
will improve patient foot health.
Characteristics of Medical Grade Footwear
1- Lightweight.
2- Breathable.
3- Non-Slip Soles.
4- Wide and added depth for extra toe room.
5- Removable insoles to accommodate orthotics.
6- Seamless lining to avoid irritation from stitching.
7- Orthopaedic designed and semi-rigid outsoles.
8- Reinforced heel for added support and stability.
9- Perfect Fit without pressure points.
10-Facilitating access by elastic laces – Easy on and Easy off

Medical Grade Shoes…
Stimulate your foot and leg muscles
Improve your posture and circulation
Protect your foot from Injuries
Reduce the most common foot pains
Recommended for sensitive feet and for people with diabetes,
arthritis, corns, bunions hammer toes and other foot problems..
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our full range of fashionable medical grade footwear.
Please note: no returns are accepted on footwear.