Sandals with ultra-light sole slip-on sandals with a New Generation EVAlightweight outer sole. The sandals come with a Protektor®insole, that both protects the joints against impact and keeps the foot in place inside the sandal.

Feet are different and therefore New Feet footwear must be adjustable to fit your individual needs. Footwear with stretch material is very comfortable and can be used by all whose priority is com-fort. But stretch is also an important functional feature for people with diabetes, arthritis, bunions, corns, hammer-toes, and users of bandages and support stockings.

New Feetdesigns and construct footwear from our orthopedic tradition: COMFORT and PROTECTION of feet and legs are our main focus. We present two collections:-the professional collection, with footwear for wound patients and footwear for after-treatment of wounds and oedemas. Sold to hospitals and professionals-the consumer collection(in this booklet) is specified for people with diabetes, arthritis or sensitive feet -with focus on the preventive functions. The collections are characterized by •Wide forefoot, high stability and secure hold of the heel•Soft cushioned leather and skin-friendly linings•Moisture transporting and low friction lining•No irritating stitchings inside the footwear•All footwear features removableProtektor™insolesAt New Feet we design all footwear with a Strobel construction. It means that we stitch upper and midsole together like a glove before it is fixed to the outer sole. It is an ideal construction, that gives us the possibility to obtain stability in the heel part and flexibility in the forefoot. This construction is also ideal for using stretch materials. We integrate a shank (gelenk) in the outer sole to obtain the preferred stability.

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