3D i-Pad i-Phone scanning App!

Our unique 3-D foot scanning App offers:

1. Incredibly detailed scanning accuracy to within 0.2mm of plantar area!
2. Highly portable discreet software using your I-Pad / I-Phone (Pro-edition).
3. Easy to use, very user friendly.
4. On-line prescription made easy just tick and send!
5. Eliminate time consuming messy casting from your workload.
6. Patient 3-D scan is sent to our lab immediately - no trips to the post office!
7. Reduce turnaround times, offer your patients a more efficient service.
8. 3-D foot scanning technology in your clinic.

Build your custom orthotic business with our revolutionary Celtic 3-D Digital Scanning App.

Please download our App and see start your precision orthotic journey today:

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