Born from a desire to offer highest quality custom made orthotics, best value for money and super customer service Celtic Orthotics was established in Ennis, Co Clare. Ireland on Jan, 2016.

We are veterans in the orthotics industry since 2005 and have built up a reputation as an innovative, customer focused business. Our priority is to ensure patients receive the best orthotic solution every time.

Our ethos: “handcrafted with pride in Ireland” is an mantle we thoroughly embrace. Quality is our culture! We attained Quality Standard Accreditations such as: ISO 9001:2015, IQNet and HPRA.


We source and use highest quality products to ensure the quality of our finished products. We strive to positively impact our customers and our community with sustainable and ethically sourced materials and production process. Our collaboration programs have resulted with innovative Celtic Foot Scan technologies, we partner with leading Authorities in biomechanics and specialist IT partners. We serve Allied Health Professionals globally with our comprehensive range of custom made and off the shelf prefabricated orthotics. From our lab in Ennis, we ship products globally but notably to Ireland, UK, Europe and Scandinavia.

Help people from all walks of life

From the person on the street to World Champion boxers and Artic explorers…Sports people of all disciplines have improved their sporting careers with our help. Stay in the game of life with Celtic Orthotics!

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